Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Hello all,

I want to thank all who follow my blog and apologize for not updating it as much as I would like too. I just have no motivation at the moment and I have not been active in the mail world at all. I hoping that will change soon but for now I am just going with the flow.

I am working on getting rid of some excess and I spent all day yesterday packing some decos. I want to start fresh which means I have to pass on some that I was hoping to sign. But I can't hold on to them any longer that I have. I feel bad about that already. I hope some day they will come back to my lil' mailbox. My deco mood comes and goes... Yet I am always buying supplies which is something that I need to stop doing. I have so much stuff and I hardly get to use it. So I plan to tackle this and get organized! Stay organized too.

I also have a little pile of letters to answer which I will be working on that real soon. All I write these days are unfinished letters that I tuck away in books/journals. I keep finding them and throw them away since they are so outdated. Grr, bad habit, no?

I want to thank those who send Christmas cards my way. Again, like every year... I failed on sending them out even though I bought them super early. Maybe I should start now for next year. >___<

Expect posts from me soon. I actually have a lot of photos to post but I need to find an app that allows me to resize them before I upload them. I have a new toy that I hope would keep me blogging. I love it. It's an Asus Transformer tablet which for this month will be connected where ever I may go.

I hope you all had a nice Christmas. Happy New Year~!

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