Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Excess #001



So I have some excess that need to go to a good home~ My two little boxes are full and I would like to pass these along. The quality varies so please let me know what you prefer. Mostly they are label bags but there are some decos, slams, & FBs. You can contact me at twistedfae.mail [AT] gmail.com


Please help.


It may take me a while to get these out due to me moving next month but I at least want to start filling up envies. ^__^ I'll keep you all posted.



This is what I have been taking to work with me this week. I have some cute stationery and a few letters that I answer during my lunch break. I also have a big yellow banana that is filled with pens, hehe.

But I am glad I have been ignoring my 3DS at work and hitting my mail pile. I already answered a few letters:

Katie J.

I just need to work on their envelopes and mail them out sometime this week. I want to make Yeska some labels too. I need to get started on that.

But I though I would make an update on what I am working on right now. Expect a few post coming since I am uploading pictures right now from my phone. I need to do this on a daily basis~ Grr, by the time I do I cannot remember when I mailed it out or when the letter came in. I hope I am a bit more organized next month since I have more days off, heh.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pretty package from Tanya~!


Thanks so much, Tanya~!

I have been wanting to make this post for some time now but having to move next month has really sucked up my free time. I am taking a break from cleaning right now, shh~



Such a lovely package from Tanya~ We've been penpalling and swapping for so many years now. Oh gosh, she is one of my best pallies out there. Love her.


She sent me some goodies along with some decos not to long ago. This soap smells so nice! It is still near my computer right now and the smell helps me relax, hehe.


Deco goodies~ <3 The Girly Deco is my favorite. So pretty and sparkly~! ^____^ I will be working on these decos real soon after the move is all done and over. Heh, I was caught blogging and taking an break too soon! >_____<

Thanks again, Tanya. Xoxo

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lotsa of labelbags~


Today I finally got some mail in and it was a big envelope filled with sticker bags, goodie bags, and I think I saw some slams in there. It really made me smile! It was from Katharina Maier in Germany. I have signed a few bags where I have seen her labels. She contacted me via Facebook where I have been meeting new penpals & swappers.



Here is part of the package. ^____^


And part one & two of what was inside, hehe.


So I gathered some envelopes I made a while ago and made a few bags myself.


I use some of my wooden stamps that I have been using a lot lately. I also tried using my old addy stamp that I never really used with my addy. Instead I am using for bag instructions, heh.




I used my tiny labels and signed one bah which gave me some labels to work with too.



The blue hair girl one is a really cool label. Love it.

I would make more but I ran out of envies and I really can't find my template to make more. Plus, I am getting a little tired already. One thing I hate about about opening for three days straights, grr. So that is all the damage I am doing tonight.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mail Dump #001

It happens to me often... I get so behind on my mail and I never get around to posting the pictures I do take. It took me a while to sort through all the pictures on Photobucket. I take these with my cell phone which is always handy. Some of these are from last month too. So here goes...

A letter to JJkun in OK. and Leigh W. which was way overdue. Grrr~ I hate it when I get some behind.

Letter to Ilona T. in Germany.

A letter to Stevie S. in NC. This went out with Ilona's letter.

Letter to Ashley in Hi~ ^____^

A swap for the lovely Sarah D. in Cananda.

One of my favorite deco girls from way back. Her decos are the best, hehe. I decided to use a magazine for the envelope. I had to glue two pages together to get everything to fit. Gotta love fat mail~ ^____~

My first letter to my epal, hehe.

Other I didn't get much mail in or I forgot to take photos of all my mail coming in. That's possible since I have been so scattered lately and worrying about money stuff. *sighs* And the move... Stressing over that too. Some of these I still need to answer....

A lovely letter from Emma!

My ePal, Theresa!

That is all for now. ^____~

Sunday, May 15, 2011


My mail box has been very lonely this week but it happens, eh? I have been mailing out swaps and letters though. Mainly I am wanting to get rid of my excess before I move. So far my excess box is nearly empty. I still have FBs, Decos, and some bags to move. If you are interested let me know.

On Monday, I mailed out some excess FBs & decos to Sandy in England. She received them on the 13th which I though was rather fast. I didn't take a picture of it though since I was on a rush to work.

Tuesday, I mailed out excess sticker bags to Vanessa in MO and Dawn in MA via Facebook. I also mailed out a letter to a new penpal via Facebook too. I sent Tabitha in IN a sticker bag too.

Wednesday, is when I mail out three postcards via Postcrossing. You can check out my previous post for more info. But I sent postcards to Germany, China, and the Netherlands.

On Friday, I taped up vintage mailart attempt to Jessica in CA. I stuffed some goodies inside and a short note too. I will post that picture when I know she received my letter. ^____~ I also got a Slam returned who was made by Sarah E.

Saturday, I mailed off some excess bags to Melisa in Tahiti. I never mailed anything to Tahiti before so that is pretty darn cool in my book.

So that's it, that is what I mailed out for the week of May 9th to the 15th. I think I did rather good, hehe. I just wished I had more time and money. I have a journal to mail out soon that is so overdue~ I feel bad but it's a bulky thing... I really need to make a stop at the post office real soon.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


My Postcrossing account is no longer inactive~yay! I decided to give it another go, hehe. Today I will be mailing out postcards to:

~*~Xinlu L. in China~*~
~*~Jolanda S. in Netherlands~*~
~*~Elvira S. in Germany~*~

All have lovely names and I hope they like my lil' homemade cards. I cannot believe it is so hard to find postcards here. *sighs* I will still keep an eye out and when I see them I will buy in bulk, heh.

Friday, May 6, 2011

DECO #008

"Lolligag Deco"

For & By: Sheri Lea Pond in CA

This is a big puffy deco! I deco'ed the last page since that would be a lot easier for me to do due to the lack of space on my craft table. It's a mess and I really need to get organized. I keep this pretty simple using a print out, purple tissue paper, glitter, permanent marker, confetti, and sealed it with tape. The page tore off tho~ So I fixed with with new staples.

DECO #007

"Green & Yellow Deco"

For & By: twistedfae

Similar to my last deco but I was really happy with it. I usually don't like them until I seal them up with tape. But this is one is going to Sheri in CA.

DECO #006

Made for & By: twistedfae

This is one of the images I photoshopped to turn it into a bad photocopy and printed it out on bright green paper. I then colored part of it using a green Bic Mark It and Sakura Souffle pen. As always, I finished it off with glitter & confetti sealed with tape.

DECO #005

"Anything Goes Animal Print Deco"

Made for: No. 1 Sassygrl
By: twistedfae

Used a lot of stamps on this including my animal print one along with a girl print out. I had some pink animal print paper left and used that as well. I finished it off with glitter and confetti which was then sealed in tape.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Blog Labels~!

I made this to promote this blog via FBs and snail mail, hehe.

DECO #004

For: Bea O'Keeffe
By: Twistedfae

I made this today using origami paper via a calendar, a print out, and various little stampers that I bought for a dollar. I finished it up with glitter & confetti sealed with tape.