Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mail Dump #001

It happens to me often... I get so behind on my mail and I never get around to posting the pictures I do take. It took me a while to sort through all the pictures on Photobucket. I take these with my cell phone which is always handy. Some of these are from last month too. So here goes...

A letter to JJkun in OK. and Leigh W. which was way overdue. Grrr~ I hate it when I get some behind.

Letter to Ilona T. in Germany.

A letter to Stevie S. in NC. This went out with Ilona's letter.

Letter to Ashley in Hi~ ^____^

A swap for the lovely Sarah D. in Cananda.

One of my favorite deco girls from way back. Her decos are the best, hehe. I decided to use a magazine for the envelope. I had to glue two pages together to get everything to fit. Gotta love fat mail~ ^____~

My first letter to my epal, hehe.

Other I didn't get much mail in or I forgot to take photos of all my mail coming in. That's possible since I have been so scattered lately and worrying about money stuff. *sighs* And the move... Stressing over that too. Some of these I still need to answer....

A lovely letter from Emma!

My ePal, Theresa!

That is all for now. ^____~

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