Friday, April 29, 2011


I've been trying to meet a goal I set for myself late this month. I want to mail out at least four letters each week. Today I did just that.

I stuffed this envelope full of decos for Tanya. I love how the envelope turned out in the end. I used some glittery foam stickers too. I am loving my Dymo label and I need to get more black tomorrow.

This one is for Lucy which I haven't heard from her in a while. She is getting back into the penpal world and asked for some decos. I stuffed her envelope full of them.

I also wrote to Stevie in NC and I sent her a birthday drawing I did which you can see on the envelope. I also sent her some stickers.

Theresa is my ePal and she sent me a letter sometime last week. I was finally able to reply to her and mail her letter out. I used an envelope that Yasara made for me.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

DECO #003

Deco by Tanya

Another magazine scan here with lots of pretty blue glitter that is all over my glitter bin now. It opened up while I was digging around, grrr! I love the bird stickers used here, too cute. (^____^) My page turned out so pretty, love it. Thanks, Tanya for sending these decos to me. I had fun, hehe.

DECO #002

Deco by Tanya

I think the color combination here is my favorite for the day, hehe. I got use this matte confetti but then my cat knocked it all over my work area. (>~<) But got to love, Chaser. I tried to use the colors of her dress using the origami calendar papers.


Deco by Tanya

Used an old scan from Kera magazine for this along with random bits of papers that I can never throw away. Lately I have been using all up to get rid of the clutter around here. I also used some glitter and lovely confetti. Working of these was fun and I hope No1. Sassy_Grl likes. (^3^) Not sure who I am sending this to but I have been putting swaps together all morning.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Postcard #001

Lately I have been using permanent markers to make postcards. I use Sharpies and Bic Mark It markers on old matte Canon photo paper. On this one here I used various Gellyroll pens from Sakura which I really love. I made this one for my cousin back home in Texas. She got it today, so I am posting about it since my mail has been slow and I haven't been writing lately. I used my Xyron 5" create-a-sticker and stuck onto some plain old stock paper. The markers bleed through the photo paper... I then use my favorite stamp ever, an postcard stamp that I got on clearance.

I plan to make more postcard real soon but I wanting to get another pack of Bic Mark It since I am missing a few colors. I may just have to get the 36 pack since if I cannot find then at Staples.


Welcome to my new mail blog!

I have been thinking about this blog for days now~ I happy that I now have the time to post for the very first time. I am still working on a few things but I made the banner today in Photoshop. I haven't really played with Photoshop as much as I did before I moved to Ohio. So it is taking me longer to do things with the program that used to be so easy to do. I feel like I am learning all over again. This is pretty much my a test post, hehe. I am hoping to be a bit more active here than before.