Tuesday, May 31, 2011



This is what I have been taking to work with me this week. I have some cute stationery and a few letters that I answer during my lunch break. I also have a big yellow banana that is filled with pens, hehe.

But I am glad I have been ignoring my 3DS at work and hitting my mail pile. I already answered a few letters:

Katie J.

I just need to work on their envelopes and mail them out sometime this week. I want to make Yeska some labels too. I need to get started on that.

But I though I would make an update on what I am working on right now. Expect a few post coming since I am uploading pictures right now from my phone. I need to do this on a daily basis~ Grr, by the time I do I cannot remember when I mailed it out or when the letter came in. I hope I am a bit more organized next month since I have more days off, heh.

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