Monday, July 11, 2011



Finally sitting down here and updating my blog. I am still not entirely settled in which I should be by now. But eh, I have no motivation right now. I keep waiting until my days off and that is not getting me anywhere. I need to stop that~ But here is some mail that has left Ohio because of me.


I was finally able to mail out some letters today. I have been really slacking lately. But I am trying to get back to the penpal/swapping world. I sent out two letters this morning~ A letter to Jessica with some recent label designs I made. Also, this letter to Tabitha was suppose to go out late last month but I found it in my purse still unsealed. So I added a note and couple of pages of stationery.


I sent these early this month but can't remember the day exactly. Grr, I hate not being organized. But I sent out some excess to Jennifer and a couple of decos to Sheri.


Some FB goodies for Danielle who I met via Livejournal. I am not sure when this went out but it was late last month.

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