Monday, September 26, 2011

Update on Me

So what have a been up to lately? Honestly, not much... I have been distracting myself with some videogames. Money has been a real issue this month and it is so depressing. I have so many packages & swaps that I want to mail out right now. It sad, that I cannot but I am hoping maybe this paycheck will be the one. So if I owe you a swap, please know that I have not flaked but bills are just sucking at the moment. *sighs* Feel free to remind me as well~ I don't have the best memory, heh.


But I was able to grab these on clearance a couple of weekends ago. I just had to have the camera stamp when I saw it. I love cameras~! All the rest of the stuff should be scented~ The stickers are too cute, I love the ice cream pen, and the lil' notebook is perfect to carry around.

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