Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Latest lil' Haul

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I bought these late last week~ I am really loving my perforator a lot. I am done with precut labels since I can't seem to align them right with the HP printer. I want to go back and get the regular paper cutter as well since this worked so well. I found a lot of stamps on clearance too. So I ended up with some from Michael's and Hobby Lobby. And I love the pink Smash pen, hehe.


No1SassyGrl... said...

omgosh I love that chinita stamp!! so cute!!! he he

I totally over blogged yest chica! lol!

my scedualing went wrong ha ha ha

Resuri said...

OMG! The key stamp!! *o*!! (dies)

twistedfae said...

@Tanya, I have been eyeing the Chinita for a while now. Took the last one. I saw your blog blow out, awesome. XD I have to do more blogging today.

@Resuri, I felt the same way when I saw it. XD