Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Unthemed" via Decolicious

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I was finally able to work on my "unthemed" deco for the FB group Decolicious. You can see the making of the deco above. I used only what I had around my desk which I need to declutter so badly. You can see my favorite stickers, an old print out, new alpha stamps, and my circle label. I used my border punch again, X-mas tape, glitter, ribbon, flocking, and various Valentine papers.

Untheme Deco, For Decolicious Group

I finished it off with some more ribbon and a flower epoxy brad. I hope it won't fall apart before it is returned home since I didn't tape the brad down. I like it when you can pull the deco apart and work on a page by itself. I tried staples but my crappy stapler cound't handle the ribbon.

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